Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland Project

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland Project

Motherwell and Wishaw Citizens Advice Bureau and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland have worked together in partnership on this project since 2002. 

Referrals are made to the service by clinical / medical professionals, or individuals who are suffering from any chest, heart or stroke related illness.

The Project has a Welfare Benefits Adviser, who provides a dedicated service whose main aim is to ensure clients and their families receive their rightful entitlement to welfare benefits.

We can also assist with completion of relevant benefits forms  and offer assistance, or referrals, for other issues you may be facing (e.g. debt, housing, legal, etc)

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland also operates a Welfare Grants Scheme, which we can help you access.

If you are unable to call at our offices we can arrange to visit you in your own home.

Contact Motherwell & Wishaw Citizens Advice Bureau in the first instance